Stadtwerke Leipzig Successfully Implements PSI Optimization Software - Transformation of district heating network supports decarbonization strategy

Berlin, 2022 - Stadtwerke Leipzig GmbH has comprehensively put PSI's TS-Energy software suite into operation for the optimization of the district heating system in the city of Leipzig in the short and long term.

The focus of the optimization software, which has already been in use since 2021, is on automated plant marketing and control in the short-term area. Here, TS-Energy forms the basis for calculating the deployment planning of all assets such as the complex gas CHP plants, district heating network, heat storage and supply contracts. The flexibility of the PSI software makes it possible to react to spontaneous changes and requirements in a reasonable time.

In the long-term area, TS-Energy is used for the transformation of the district heating network. Here, the optimization calculations form the foundation for profitability calculations and ultimately investment decisions for new assets to realize the decarbonization strategy in Leipzig. The agility makes it possible to perform a large number of calculations in an automated manner in order to be able to achieve robust results.

Thanks to a very customer-oriented and cooperative partnership between Stadtwerke Leipzig and PSI, the project was implemented comprehensively and quickly.

IWB is taking TS-Energy, an energy optimization platform provided by PSI Time-steps, operational

Zurich, 2017 - The Basler energy supply company IWB is aiming for full supply from renewable sources in the long term. With intelligent products and services, IWB harmonizes production and consumption. For this purpose, the company is relying the energy optimization platform TS-Energy, which IWB is now putting into operation.

In the previous autumn, IWB has decided in favor of Time-steps in a corresponding invitation to tender. In addition to supplying the optimization platform TS-Energy, the contract also includes services for the commissioning of the entire system as well as a modeling of the power plant and gas procurement portfolio. Currently the system is in the productive testing phase.

With the use of TS-Energy, IWB is using a well-established system to ensure the operational management of hydroelectric power plants, the management of gas procurement contracts and the optimization of the entire energy procurement portfolio in the long term.

Time-steps at the Olympic Games in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, 2016 - Time‑steps was invited to the House of Switzerland during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. CEO Eduard Zuur gave a talk in occasion of the official visit of the President of the Confederation Johann Schneider‑Ammann as part of the roundtable discussion "Optimization specialists from Switzerland and Brazil". During the "Energy Day", the Time‑steps optimization platform TS‑Energy was presented to invited guests of the Brazilian energy industry as part of the workshop on "Integrating renewable energy sources into existing grids".

Energy Day @ House of Switzerland Brazil 2016

President of the Confederation Schneider-Ammann at the House of Switzerland. © House of Switzerland

Time-steps CEO Eduard Zuur at the House of Switzerland. © House of Switzerland

President of the Confederation Schneider-Ammann with Time-steps CEO Eduard Zuur. © House of Switzerland