Optimization of Pumped-Storage Power Plants

For the optimal operation of pumped-storage power plants, the comprehensive computation and optimization of operating strategies becomes increasingly important. The rising amount of renewable energy production leads to a higher volatility of the markets and thus requires more complex operating modes for pumped-storage plants.

TS-Energy is able to generate optimal operating strategies for you, while considering various input data, by applying stochastic dynamic programming. This allows you to maximize your yearly net-income. Additionally TS-Energy generates valuations and risk analysis for each of your power plants.

TS-Energy allows for detailed modeling of pumped-storage power plants including all relevant parameters.

At the core of the optimization mehtod is the detailed modeling of pumped-storage plants and their respective components (storage basins, generators, pumps, inflows) with nonlinear characteristics such as pressure dependency. Additionally, any operating restraints are be considered. The price development and the expected natural inflows are represented through stochastic processes.

Possible calculation inputs
  • Market descriptions (e.g. price forward curves)
  • Power plant specifications
  • Inflow descriptions
  • Operating restraints (e.g. minimum storage levels)