Intraday support

TS-Energy finds applications in the intraday business. The software updates schedules including provisions of control energy, calculates trading positions, enables cross-border trading and provides automated position closing.

TS-Energy continuously updates schedules during the day, taking into account the latest data (Scada-system, forecasts, trades). Numerous constraints such as availabilities, basin level specifications, efficiency curves or minimum run times are included.

Control Energy
Reservations and calls of control energy are included in each recalculation. The reserves are optimally distributed over the available assets.

Intraday Trading
TS-Energy continuously calculates the free capacities and their marginal prices, but also any outstanding quantities (imbalances). In the context of Mari/Picasso and intraday trading, these data are used as a basis for the bidding.

Manual Cross-Border Intraday Trading

In 2018, Time-steps had its software for access to the European Power Exchange (Continuous Intraday) certified by EPEX and has since been listed with EPEX as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor). As an ISV, Time-steps is allowed to offer its customers an API-based access to the European power exchange, which is used for various processes in the intraday area. Part of the solution offered by Time-steps are manual trading and autotrading, further functions can also be developed independently by the customer thanks to the integrated REST interface.

Capacity Reservation System
In 2020, Time-steps integrated access to the European capacity reservation system. Although Switzerland is largely excluded from the European electricity market due to the lack of an electricity agreement with the EU, Time-steps' software is able to automatically conclude cross-border transactions. The logic for reserving cross-border capacities is implemented transparently so that connected systems can benefit from it without having to be adapted.

Intraday Dashboard
The TS-Intraday Dashboard provides traders with a modern and high-performance GUI (Graphical User Interface), which clearly visualizes the current market on EPEX as well as the current marginal capacities and updates them in real time. Order books and trades are displayed, but also management functions for the administration of exchange access and users are available. Security functions are also implemented to limit excessive trading in case of bad input data.

Automated Intraday Trading

With TS-Intraday Autotrader, the functions of the trading system can be used in an automated way. Additional limits can be defined for automatically generated bids, but the general security functions of the underlying trading system always apply.

Automated Bid Calculation
Bids for the Autotrader are automatically created from marginal prices, free capacities and open positions (imbalances). Data from the optimization of TS-Energy can be used, but also data from other systems. Various parameters are available for the bid calculation to ensure the medium-term flexibility of the system and to counter the uncertainty of forecasts.