Optimization of thermal power plants

The ever smaller spread between electricity and combustibles, as well as higher CO2 pricing, lead to a decreasing amount of profitable operating hours for thermal power plants. This is one of the reasons why profit maximization with comprehensive optimization methods is becoming evermore important.

Thermal power plants may have complex operating characteristics, such as ramp-up times and temperature dependencies, that can only be modeled approximately using the common linear programming approaches. However, with TS-Energy's stochastic dynamic programming the detailed modeling of plants and their specific characteristics becomes possible. These plants are then optimized through stochastic methods, which leads to improved bids, operation modes and financial results.

Possible calculation inputs
  • Operationg hours
  • Temperature dependencies
  • Ramp-up times
  • Minimal run times
  • Energy efficiency curves (with and without duct firing)
  • Operations costs
  • Net power degradation since last overhaul
  • Vintage heat degradation